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Mental Game: Handling a Bad Chip on a Par 5

Ever been near a par 5 in two shots and hit an abysmal chip to 10 feet? Ever been really upset about it? Here's a simple tip for getting your head in a better spot before you hit that putt.

Improving Your Wedge Game

Learn how to improve the consistency of your wedge game with the same changes that dramatically improved my own.

Putting: The Pendulum Stroke

When it comes to putting, you will often hear: "make a pure pendulum stroke", "accelerate through the ball" and "hit the ball on the upswing" in quick succession. Let me show you which one of those pieces of advice you can throw in the trash.

Putting: Aimline

Most golfers fundamentally do not understand how a putt actually rolls. Learning this information will change the way you putt forever.