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  • There's a trend on Instagram and TikTok where a golf influencer films themselves taking a shot, puts the yardage on the screen, let's say 140 yards, and asks "What are _you_ hitting?" It's intended to be fun and drive engagement, but it makes me want to yell, "You haven't given me enough information to make that decision!"

  • When it comes to putting, you will often hear: "make a pure pendulum stroke", "accelerate through the ball" and "hit the ball on the upswing" in quick succession. Let me show you which one of those pieces of advice you can throw in the trash.

  • Putting has a lot of myths and misunderstandings that need to be dispelled. One that I consistently see is an incorrect perception of the start line of a putt. Almost no one outside of pros and low handicappers understands how a ball actually rolls and breaks when putting. Because of this…

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